"Lasting, effective weight loss starts with your mind, not with your body. Let me take you on a journey to uncover and release the burdens that keep you 'stuck' to excess weight."

~ Dr. Irina Koles
Bestselling Author

Do you want to...

Uncover the REAL reason you're carrying around those extra pounds?

(Hint... the REAL reason, when you discover it, may surprise you.)

Discover what an EATING BLUEPRINT is and learn how to change yours, forever?

(Hint... changing it is really simple and even FUN.)

Lose weight AND still be able to fully enjoy life?

(Hint... after using what I'll share with you, I bet you'll actually live MORE fully and enjoy life even MORE than ever before.)

If you said, "YES!"

...then "Taste of Thoughts™" was written just for YOU!

So, if you're ready to join me on YOUR journey, a journey that starts with YOU and your MIND...

...NOT with depriving yourself and other self deprecating tactics, then join me within the pages of "Taste of Thoughts™."

I look forward to seeing you there.

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By age 30, I had never used any diets. I love to cook, and I loved throwing parties for 20 to 30 people at a time! I'd cook all my own food and I'd enjoy my friends, family and all my delicious homemade meals without ever thinking about gaining extra pounds.

But, after age 30, I started to gain weight... and I definitely did NOT like it!

I wasn't doing anything different, but that didn't seem to matter. I couldn't figure out why I was gaining extra pounds, but I could tell they weren't going to go away.

So being the conscientious doctor that I am, I started practicing a low-calorie diet (just like so many other people do... maybe you've even tried a low-calorie diet, too).

I was relieved and happy when I lost my extra pounds successfully. Now, to manage this new routine and stay "sane" from the loss of "food freedom," I periodically allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted to at parties and restaurants.

As I mentioned, this strategy worked well, for a while (in the beginning), but then something strange happened. I was not eating much, but I started gaining weight AGAIN!

So, I started to eat even less, and began practicing what I call "the magic method," by taking "herbal" weight loss pills, but I still gained weight. Yes, I packed on even more pounds!

I remember thinking, "Why is this happening to me?" To say the least, I became stressed-out and depressed.

One day, I stumbled upon a different approach to weight loss that challenged the beliefs I had as a physician. The method seemed unusual but I was willing to look into it in more detail (and I'm sure glad I did).

The more I learned about it, the more I realized it all made perfect sense from a physiological point of view.

The only issue was that this new approach wasn't about conventional dieting at all. And this meant I was going to have to get rid of all my old "dieting" beliefs if I was going to consider trying it out.

Now, with that said, let me fill you in on the special secret I discovered. The special secret is that, getting past my ingrained belief system was not easy.

In fact, I learned that shifting my point of view and working with my thoughts was actually my greatest challenge and, at the same time, it was also my greatest asset! Once I learned to master the mental part, the rest fell into place miraculously!

Now stay with me here. I'm not talking about hypnosis, subliminal tapes or visits to a psychologist. No. What I'm talking about is a process that I've perfected through my own personal experience and later by using it with hundreds of my patients and clients.

This process has been so valuable for all of us that I decided I would write it in a book so that even more people can benefit. Yes, so that you, too, can benefit.

I call this process discovering your "Eating Blueprint."

It took me about two months to change my personal "Eating Blueprint," to accept a new theory, and start practicing it.

After those two months, I found I was THINKING differently and the results were amazing! I could eat the food that I had not eaten in years!

I enjoyed discovering new products and I could easily adjust my favorite recipes and indulge myself, my family and friends with new delicious meals.

It was like a dream come true. I ate, I cooked and I stayed slim and energetic!

I have been following this system for over a decade. I still have great joy, passion and a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for having the luck to stumble upon the basic information that led me to developing my "Eating Blueprint" and then using it to develop this process so my clients and now even YOU can benefit.

It's so painful for me to see people struggling with being overweight for their entire lives... following one diet after another, losing motivation, getting depressed, and then gaining even more weight year after year.

When I see people struggling with excess weight I think, "That could've been me if I hadn't discovered my 'Eating Blueprint'." It actually brings tears to my eyes; it's like I can feel their pain and suffering.

No matter how hopeless you may feel, I believe your ideal body is within your reach. But remember, the answer does not lie in low-calorie diets, food deprivation, diet supplements or pills. Nor does it lie in self-ridicule or shame.

The answer lies in a journey, a journey to find YOUR "Eating Blueprint", and the journey starts in your MIND, not on your PLATE. It's a gentle, kind process, NOT a self-deprecating, blame game of calorie cutting and starvation tactics.

What you'll discover is very powerful and can not only effect your weight; it also has the power to effect all aspects of your life for the better. Not only can you have a whole new body; you'll also have the opportunity to discover and create a whole new life!

Purchase "Taste of Thoughts™" TODAY, during this LIMITED TIME Special Offer, and you'll receive over $2,000.00 in valuable FREE bonus gifts.

Step 1...

Simply purchase "Taste of Thoughts™" TODAY, during this LIMITED TIME Special Offer, to receive over $2,000.00 in valuable, FREE gifts.

Step 2...

After purchasing "Taste of Thoughts™," return to this page and click the button below to gain access to $2,000.00 in FREE Bonus Gifts.

Dr. Irina gifts us with a balanced approach to managing weight and enhancing health with proven strategies to make permanent shifts, in her easy to read and easy to follow book.

Dr. Irina makes a convincing case that weight problems and obesity originate from the mindset. She inspires us to uncover the deep causes, and provides effective solutions about being healthier."

Ken Coscia
International Training Director for The Silva Method

Dr. Irina has found a clear and practical answer why people gain weight and more importantly how to change it. "Taste of Thoughts™" is simple and fun. It's not just about nutrition; it's a guide to a better life!"

Michael Ray Dresser
Host of "Dresser After Dark" Radio Show

What do you get when you take an immigrant's drive for success and combine that with a physician's passion for healthy eating, a smattering of science, some fun recipes and a huge helping of heart? The incomparable Dr. Irina Koles! "Taste of Thoughts™" may be just the kick-in-the-pants you need to help everyone you know get healthy."

Wendy Lipton-Dibner
Bestselling Author of "Shatter Your Speed Limits: Fast Track Your Success" and
"Get What You Truly Want in Business and in Life"

Dr. Irina Koles shows you the real reasons you're overweight. Her advice will allow you to stay trim forever!"

Steve Harrison
Co-founder of the Million Dollar Author Club

What a pleasure it is to have Dr. Irina’s book in the market. There are so many diet books to select from, but this one stands out. Not only does it provide valuable nutritional information, it is easy to read. Clearly, the whole concept of losing weight and living in a nutritionally sound way is hard to do, but this book helps the reader to look and think differently about their plate of food. As a psychologist who is always looking to help others with suggestions for improving their life, I am so pleased that Dr. Irina offers her valuable insights. “Taste of Thoughts™” is far more than just another diet book that speaks to diet and weight … it offers a perspective on life."

Dr. Karen Sherman, Psychologist
Founder of Your Empowered Relationship

This book is a manual for better living, showing in succinct stages how you can gain control of your eating habits and work your way to a healthier life. Instead of telling you to eat a certain way for a certain time to lose weight, this book shows you how to incorporate a life plan to modify what you eat to create better fuel sources for your body. By doing so, your body will slowly adjust to reduce the extra pounds caused by less-than-desirable dietary choices. She shows the theories behind the plan, and gives you inspirational ways to make better eating selections. You’re essentially reprogramming your brain for a better life. She doesn’t bury the message with scientific mumbo-jumbo, but gives enough detail to explain just what is going on when you consume and digest your food. Filled with very practical tips and tasty recipes for easy substitution choices. I’ve seen many diet books, but this is much more– this gives you a workable life plan. I believe it’s a great value, and extremely useful."

Dale T Phillips
Technical Writer


In Taste of Thoughts™, Dr. Koles has hit on a profound truth: that it is our thoughts that control our weight – it’s not so much what we eat as why we eat. The language is beautifully simple for all to understand her philosophy. She’s also included some easy recipes to illustrate ways to make better choices in our food selections, and the book covers all aspects of how a modification to lifestyle will impact our health and weight. I found this book to be inspirational as well as giving me hope and motivation to make some positive changes in my thoughts about food. Thanks Dr. Irina!"

Stacy Lee Goforth
Talk Radio Host ‘Goforth on Faith’

I spent years feeling guilty when I ate a “forbidden” food or when I didn’t weigh and measure everything first. Finally, I found this amazing book that frees you from the restrictions imposed by pre-planned, one-size-fits-all diet programs. This book shows you how to enjoy a new guilt-free relationship with food. It teaches you how to use your own body signals, your five senses and your intuition to gain self-reliance and satisfaction."

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos
Speaker, Writer, Social Media Strategist

Dr Irina Koles helps you become aware of subconscious choices that affect your everyday lifestyle. I am in the process of losing 50 lbs and have found this book immensely helpful. I highly recommend it for anyone who is frustrated with their current weight and lifestyle. Well Done!"

Denise Wade Ph.D.
Couples Coach, Marriage Educator, and Relationship Expert

Not just another boring diet book but an easy lively read with very good information on diet and life. In addition to the normal charts and stats she has included some pretty good recipes. Worth purchasing, reading, and enjoying."

T. Henderson
MBA, DTM, Bestselling Author, Certified Career Advisor, Professional Speaker

A very interesting, informative, funny and humorous book about such boring and mainstream subject as dieting. Would enthusiastically recommend it to everyone, dieting or not. The book describes a fine way to stop obsessing about your weight and your calorie intake and to start enjoying life (at least, food related part of it). Among so many books, videos and programs about dieting this one demonstrates a fresh approach, based on your ‘wants’, not ‘don’ts’. Can’t wait for a Kindle edition!"

Dr. Michael Filippov
Physicist, Database Consultant

Must read!! The author has a true background understanding of not only American eating habits but a worldly understanding of other cultures as well. I feel as though it gives a experienced breakdown of why most people go wrong in being in their desired health and weight goals. Great insight and knowledge I will take with me for life. Thanks Dr. Irina Koles!
P.S. Quite a few great recipes as well…."



Dr. Irina has written an important book that gets to the heart of eating well and maintaining your health: mastering your thoughts. She gives practical ideas and advice that anyone can follow to unlearn your previous mindset towards food (“personal blueprint”) and re-learn a positive, healthful, life-affirming, life-long and delicious attitude to eating. Well Done!!"

David M Shedd


Very motivational. Full of great ideas, actions to take and great recipes too! From the moment I started reading it, I knew the author had a clear understanding of how to manage any diet obstacles and create “whole life ” health. One of the best “diet” books I have read, mainly because it was so very much more than that."

Mary Rubino


This is the book that we’ve been waiting for. Dr. Irina provides the roadmap to successful weight-loss and better lifestyle. Book offers a lot of very useful information such as comprehensive glycemic index table, delicious and easy to follow healthy recipes. Thank you Dr. Irina!!!"



Join me within the pages of "Taste of Thoughts™," where we'll embark on a journey that will start in your mind, a journey that's specifically designed to lead you to not only your ideal weight, but will also keep off those extra pounds for good.

If you're like the others who've embarked on this journey before you, you will also find that this path holds a whole new life for you, one that is better than you could ever imagine. You deserve to end the guilt and suffering.

Let me guide you to a whole new body and a whole new life... the one you truly deserve!

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Simply purchase "Taste of Thoughts™" TODAY, during this LIMITED TIME Special Offer, to receive over $2,000.00 in valuable, FREE gifts.

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After purchasing "Taste of Thoughts™," return to this page and click the button below to gain access to $2,000.00 in FREE Bonus Gifts.

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